Call & message related failures

Is incoming call barred?
Ans: Kindly restart or reset the phone and check.
Does the problem remain the same?
Ans: Kindly replace the SIM card.
Are you still facing the same problem?
Ans: Please contact the nearest customer care center.
Does the call drop in between the conversations?
Ans: Kindly clean the SIM card and insert it again.
Cannot receive any video call.
Ans: Please insert 3G enabled SIM card into WCDMA slot.
SIM card is identified but still can't receive video call.
Ans: Make sure the area is under the coverage of 3G network and SIM 1 is in default for video call.
Can't see the video properly at receiver's end.
Ans: Please remove skin paper and clean the area of the front camera.
Is the sound at receiver end very low?
Ans: Please clean the microphone area. If the problem remains the same please visit the nearest customer care center.
Is the incoming sound low?
Ans: Kindly press the volume up button to adjust the volume.
SMS can't be send.
Ans: Check whether message center number is properly set according to you operator.
Is error being showed while sending SMS or MMS?
Ans: Kindly check whether the message center number of your operator is correctly set.
Message canít be saved.
Ans: Please check whether message storage is full.
Is outgoing call barred?
Ans: Kindly restart or reset the phone & check
Is the network signal bar showing full strength?
Ans: If not, kindly replace the SIM card.

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