Symphony and ICT ministry will bring revolutionary change in traditional education system

-- Feb 16, 2014

It will not be too long when we may see that students of our country are carrying educational smart devices instead of big bags of books while entering classrooms. National Curriculum and Textbook Board’s (NCTB) multimedia version of text book will be available at the device jointly proposed by Symphony and ICT ministry. On 23rd January a meeting was held at the secretariat on this issue where Secretary of ICT N I Khan, from Symphony Senior Director of Rezwanul Haque, head of VAS of Shahrear Sattar, CEO of Smart Start Sovon Kibria, CEO of MCC and other high officials attended. Through this device the limitations of traditional paper books will be overcome. The pictures of the books will be animated and sound facility will be embedded in the book and accordingly the device will enhance the eagerness and enjoyment of learning strongly to the students. By dint of this device in the beginning of student life students will be eager to use modern technology. Thus our upcoming generation will be able to cope up with developed world as well as will contribute in the progress of Bangladesh.

The device will be equally beneficial for the teachers also. Through Wi-Fi technology teachers can easily connect their devices with the devices of students and can check the home work or lessons of the students from their devices. As a result a teacher can teach a lot of students within short time and can concentrate more on the weaker students. Furthermore this device will save huge amount of money which are now being used for printing books.

In this joint venture of Symphony and ICT ministry the content partner is Smart Start Ltd. In the mean time all the text books of class one has been converted into multimedia version to be used through the device. Gradually books of other classes will be also converted for using through the device.